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Friday, September 10th 2004...

FQ Topic: Scenario

FQ1: You've been given a million dollars to donate to a worthy charity! Which organization would benefit from your generosity and why are they deserving?
um, probably the Red Cross.  They just seem to always be there when needed.

FQ2: You've testified against the mob and have to leave the country! Where do you go to start your new life, and what new career will you pursue?
Probably Europe.  Career?  Travel blogger? :)

FQ3: A movie studio has given you carte blanche to develop a sequel to a film of your choice! What's your sequel going to be about and who's starring in it?
Harry Potter during the years after the books finished.  There's still so much more to those stories that could be told.  Since it's still so close to the original movies, you could get all the original actors.

FQ RE-BLOG: A tragic computer malfunction has erased your current blog so you decide to start over again under a fictitious identity. Who would you become and what would you write about?
Blerf.  I have enough trouble writing about *reality*, let alone fiction.

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