What was he thinking?

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I spent tonight sorting out a snapshot backup I made of mum's computer back in April.  

It did my head in.

Firstly there was the five copies of his My Documents directory, fortunately only one appeared active and the others looked to be backups.

Then there's the ten copies of all his photos.  At least.  Some more than others I suspect.  All over the place, but with only one backup of *some* of the photos on a different drive (although there was until recently a second external disk, so I guess there would have been extra copies).  I'm still trying to figure out what his scheme was, and whether I should start again to try and get everything in order.  

Edit:  even though he was *seemingly* paranoid about his backups, I've still found there's plenty of missing stuff.  Like the excel files that have labels for the first 1000 photos (at least I have a printout), and even the first 1000 photos themselves.  Looks like there'll be some rescanning in my future...

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