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So got home from Mum's in time for dinner Tuesday night.

Wednesday night we went to Beijing House at Hawker shops with EffanC.  We got some dumplings, but after being spoilt by dumplings at Din Tai Fung in Taipei and Sydney, these were chunky and dry and boring.  Not terrible, just not great either.  The service was pretty bad though that night, it took them *forever* to bring out our entrees, then the mains came out straight away.  And they misheard one of our orders, which fortunately they didn't have, so we didn't end up with a dish we didn't want.  And in the end it was probably a good thing as we were totally full anyway.  Did a big food shop, then went back to their place for a nightcap on the way home.

Beijing House entrees

Beijing House dumplings

Thursday I had a quiet night organising freecycle crap.

Friday was our floor party that I organised.  Thirty seven people (minus a couple that didn't show up).  Ate and drank just about everything and I think they day went pretty well.  

Party supplies

Came home and put flocculent in the pool, then watched Air Crash Investigations and Die Hard (I think our disk is faulty - it dies at a spot in the middle, and I think I remember having the same problem last time we watched it.

Today I was up early and emptied the car from the final trip to Sydney.  Organised all the freecycle crap that's here for people to collect.

Half way through the day and already have done lots of organising, two loads of washing, made up the spare room bed, and tidied two rooms.

Still a long way to go though to get the house looking presentable...

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