Din Tai Fung, Westfield Sydney

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The other week in Sydney I was wandering through the upstairs Westfield food court in Sydney and happened across Din Tai Fung.  It *had* to be tried out - to compare with Taipei.

There was a little bit of a queue, and at the beginning of the line there was a pile of these order cards that you fill out while waiting in line.  This makes the ordering process quite efficient and you just pay when you get to the register.

Din Tai Fung order sheet

They give you a buzzer then you wait.  This is the production line for filling orders.  They were powering through orders, but my dumplings took *forever* to come out - almost fifteen minutes. 

Din Tai Fung production line

Finally got my order and found a seat in the very crowded food court.

Din Tai Fung dumplings

The pork xiao long bao (left) were pretty much as good as I remembered them in Taipei.  Little parcels of flavour in delicate pastry.  Yum yum.  The shrimp and pork jiao ze were pretty good too.

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