It has been two and a half days since my last blog entry

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Not that bad really in the grand scheme of things ;)

This was my "travelling tech" for our last trip, as well as other travel bits and pieces:
Travelling tech

Friday was first big Christmas party.  Had dinner at Sanur's afterwards, followed by tv at Justin C's (Snog, Marry, Avoid and The Hobbit).

Saturday we did food shopping for the club Christmas party, which we catered the mains for.  We did lamb, pork and turkey roasts, with roast veggies, a potato bake, and frozen carrots and peas/corn/beans.  Pretty sure everything turned out ok (certainly it got demolished in short order).  We've never cooked for so many people, so that was all a bit scary.  And we realised the oven isn't as big as we thought it was.

Lamb, turkey and pork roasts
Epic roast

Veggie roast, roast veggies, baby carrots, a huge potato bake
Epic roast

Today I came up to Sydney.  Kept Mum on track as she went through all the kitchen cupboards pulling out stuff she doesn't want.  Documented it all and got it all up on freecycle (take stuff please!!).

Also, I really hate Sydney humidity.  Give me Canberra climate any day. 

Oh, also, idiots should be shot to put the rest of the world out of its misery.  I was getting petrol at the BP at Marulan today.  This service station has heaps of room between the bowsers, so you can easily pull into the front slot if it's free, and the person in the back slot can easily get around them afterwards.  I love service stations like this, they rock, and make for much more efficient use of the pumps.  But this butthead pulled in behind me while I was in paying, he didn't take the front slot.  He just was there waiting behind me.  And I'm like - take the front slot you idiot.  But he didn't.  He just sat there getting angry.  In fact I hadn't even sorted myself out when he beeped me to get going.  Like how stupid can a person be?  I was tempted to just sit there and take even longer.  Because if you're too stupid to use the pumps properly, then you deserve all the pain you get.  I hate stupid people.


David said:

You should have cleaned all your windows and checked all your levels.

December 4, 2014 3:43 PM



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