Day 13 - Thursday 25 September - Longreach to Carnarvon

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Had some trouble getting to sleep last night. After getting back to our room quite late, the airconditioning didn't work very well, so the room was very warm and I had the itchies.

We got to breakfast fifteen minutes earlier than yesterday, so that worked a lot better.

Then we headed off. Very long driving day today - 668 kilometres.

Morning tea stop was at Barcaldine. Saw the remains of the "Tree of Knowledge" - an old Ghost Gum that stood as a silent witness to shearer's strikes, formation of the labour union movement and establishment of the Australian Labor Party. Sadly it was poisoned by some bu++plug in 2006.

Had a toilet pitstop in Alpha, which had a series of nice murals a local artist had painted.

Lunch was at Emerald. Quite a large town with the world's largest artwork on an easel.

Had another toilet pitstop at Rolleston before losing Optus.

The countryside resembled New South Wales much more closely around here. It probably helped that they'd just had some rain, so the place was looking a lot greener than the tour guide and driver had ever seen it.

Finally arrived in Carnarvon in time for dinner. We have these super cute little cabins, that are part cabin, part tent, but they have ensuites. No locks on the doors though (but then, anyone with a knife could break in if they wanted to heh).

Dinner was quite delicious. I had "porkbelly bites" for entree, then slow cooked lamb rump, then apple crumble. Yum!

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