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Last weekend was quite busy in terms of socialising.

As mentioned previously, the Friday night we had Gaelian and Stef over.

Late Saturday afternoon we went over to Potty's to try and clean up his computer that was full of malware the kids had installed.

Pookie and the fish

Then we headed over to Mishi's for a games night.  Much chatting and eating and bit of game playing.  We played DC's logo game again which was fun, then started on Trivial Pursuit but gave up after Damien and Amanda got two pieces of pie, as the questions were quite hard and it was very slow going.

Sunday was lunch at Josh and Ally's with Andrea and GP.  Ally had cooked up some delicious food including a cassoulet!


Eggplant salad


I might have also helped the small person build one of her Lego sets.

We stayed all afternoon which was nice.

Then we came home and we watched Frozen that I'd borrowed off Miss M.

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