It was hot at the snow

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So I had "Do you wanna build a snow man?" in my head all day Saturday.

Yup, I went to the snow.  But I didn't build a snowman.  I was too busy skiing.

Steve picked me up at 5:10am but then we had to go back a bit cause Ray had forgotten his snowboard boots.  Ski Co in Cooma was a bit crowded but got in and out fairly quickly since I had my paperwork from last time and said just get me the same stuff.  But maccas was too busy so I didn't get the breakfast I was counting on.  And I was starving.  And you shouldn't talk to me when I have low blood sugar like that.  Hmmmm.

I was almost too grumpy to take this photo of a fogbow.


But then we phoned through to Mountain Munchies in Jindabyne so I could order a big brekkie roll pickup.  So that worked well.  And it was it pretty good too.

Big brekkie roll

Hacked a few portals while trying to get through the bottleneck that is the intersection of Barry Way and Kosciuszko Road.  Still own them too, four days later.

So got to the snow around nineish.  Dumped my beanie and both jumpers in the car - it was that hot even before I started for the day. 

I had a fantastic day.  Started at front valley then over to Blue Cow and did Pleasant Valley and Roller Coaster and Excelerator and the summit and then over to Guthega.  Had the longest wait of the day at the bottom of the Blue Calf T Bar, so didn't go back there.  But had a few great runs there, including a couple I'd never done before.  Was heading up Blue Cow T Bar for another run when it broke down.  Waited for a while there but then decided to give up on it and have lunch.  Had a pie at the little kiosk they'd setup at the top of the Car Park Double.  So then I was going to head to Freedom to get out, but the Blue Cow T opened up again so had another couple of runs there before heading all the way back to Perisher for Pretty Valley, Interceptor and Happy Valley.  At 4pm I could have met up with Steve and Ray or had another couple of runs, but my knees were starting to really ache.  I'm getting old!!  So we had a couple of beers and they went down a treat :)

Definitely felt like I had a lot more confidence this trip which was good.  Maybe I'll even tackle more runs on Mt P one day ..

Pleasant Valley - my favourite run
Pleasant Valley

Me on the Pleasant Valley Quad
Me on Pleasant Valley Quad

Moguls next to Excelerator

From the summit looking back to Blue Cow
Looking across to Blue Cow

From Blue Cow looking across to the summit
Looking back to the Summit

Dam at Guthega Pondage
Dam at Guthega Pondage

This view of Mt Kosciuszko and the main ranges never gets old for me.  Love it.
Mt Kosciuszko and the Main Ranges

Obligatory selfie

My phone battery pretty much died by lunch time so no piccies in the afternoon.

I also carted the GPS around, but I'd forgotten to charge it from after my last Sydney trip.  So it started complaining of low battery at 1pm-ish.  But it soldiered on and made it til almost 4pm, finally conking out half way up my last t-bar.  I also realised I hadn't downloaded it from two Sydney trips.  It can hold quite a lot of data in memory!  Love that little thing.

Skiing Map


Peter said:

Fogbow? Hacked a few portals?? Ping???

September 10, 2014 5:31 AM


Peter said:

I get it now - people's unsecured wifi networks?

September 10, 2014 6:11 AM


Kazza the Blank One said:

haha.. no, Ingress .. :)

September 10, 2014 7:06 AM


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