Random Breakfast

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I swear Marc and Jo are such a bad influence on me.  This morning Marc was telling me about what he was planning to cook for breakfast, which made me start drooling.

So I got ready and raided the fridge to see what I could do.

Let's see what we can do with all this ..

Bacon, eggs, potatoes, cheese, tomatoes, more cheese, milk, butter, more cheese and thyme.

Random breakfast

How about we fry up some tomatoes in butter (I used a tad too much butter, oh well)

Tomatoes in butter

Now how about we scramble some eggs with some grated cheddar cheese, ricotta cheese (that's been in the fridge for ages and really needed finishing) and milk.  I won't tell the sweetie about the ricotta in there yet until he's tasted it.

Cheesy scambled eggs

And since thyme worked so well last week, and I'm *still* getting through it, have some thyme as well

Cheesy scrambled eggs

Now for the potatoes.  I'm thinking cheesy hash browns.  Because the world is better with lots of cheese.

Cheesy hash browns

What's that over the back you ask?  Well it's a pickling gadget Stu bought online from Japan but has never actually used.  I want to try and squeeze some water out of the potatoes with it.

Potato drying

It sort of works, but doesn't go down far enough

Potato drying

So I'd better finish it off with paper towel (and then add a couple of handfuls of pre-grated cheese)

Potato drying

Right.  So everything is ready.  Let's start cooking!

Bacon on a medium heat, turning regularly until crisp.  Tomatoes on very low heat to warm them up while everything else cooks.  Cheesy scrambled eggs on a medium heat, stirring occasionally, cheese and potato on a highish heat.  I probably added slightly too much cheese.  Nahhh never ;)

Random breakfast

And finally everything is ready!

Random breakfast

Serve up and convince the sweetie to get out of bed before it all gets cold :)

Random breakfast

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