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So the week at work started out ok, got worse, got hopeful, release went ahead anyway, a moment of panic on my behalf, a moment of panic on everyone else's behalf, and finally an early mark to go to the pub for Connor's birthday.  Phew.

But going back a little.  Last Sunday night I decided to use up the last of the potatoes we had in the house, and some leftover sour cream and some past its use-by date thickened cream to make this potato bake.  It was a bit of a case of "would you like some potatoes with your cream and cheese?" and it became our entire dinner.

Potato bake

Tuesday I tried out Le Wrap's nachos.  There were ok, but nothing special.  The cheese was a little cold when I got it, so had solidified and glued all the chips together.  Salsa and guacamole and a bit of salad on the sides.

Le Wrap Nachos

Thursday I snapped this using Dad's telephoto lens from Aranda oval.

Black Mountain Tower

Neil has been doing various winter drinks over the past few weeks.  There's been hot cider (with or without rum), mulled wine and last Thursday there was hot mead.  I'd never had mead before.  It was very drinkable warm!


After work Friday, met up with the sweetie for a drink at A Baker.  I was surprised how uncrowded it was for a Friday night.  There was a DJ playing, but the music wasn't loud, so we could chat which was nice.  Then we went over to J&Y's for drinks and nibbles.  We chatted for ages before discovering their extensive collection of eighties music, so we put on a stack of songs from 1988/89 and Y and I sang our hearts out.  It was like singstar without the microphones or words.  Lots of fun :)

The weekend was pretty quiet.  We went on a mission to buy a new dishwasher yesterday (our old one blew up just before I went to Turkey, did I mention that?).  Was successful in that mission.  In the evening we enjoyed an incredibly rare Saturday night to ourselves and watched The Wind Rises, which was sweet and sad, as per most Miyazaki films that I've seen!

Today the mission was food shopping and feeding Potty's fish.  We mostly bought food from the edges of the supermarket, which always looks like we're pretending to be healthy (it doesn't show the six different kinds of cheese we bought!)

Pretending to be healthy

Tonight I cooked a roast pork and I'm still quite full.  I also forgot to properly document it.  Oops!

Before shot

Sort of after - missing crackling


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