Bella Vista

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Usually I come home from Sydney on a Wednesday night, so this Wednesday felt completely like a Thursday.

In the evening the sweetie and I went to Bella Vista.

For entree I had Gamberi ai ferri - Pancetta wrapped king prawns, grilled and set on a steamed bed of green beans and crumbled fetta cheese swirled with aged balsamic and virgin olive oil.

Bella Vista

The sweetie had Insalata di Polipo - Slow butter poached octopus pieces then lightly grilled with bacon, served with Roman lettuce, torn croutons and garlic "Aioli".

Bella Vista

For mains I had Piatto Misto - Grilled lamb cutlets, pancetta wrapped chicken tenders with king prawns served with an avocado salsa, miniature salad and potato mash accompanied by mustard, lemon and aged Balsamic sauces.

Bella Vista

And the sweetie had Salmone alla Griglia - Crispy skinned Atlantic salmon fillet set on silky potato puree, roasted baby Caponata vegetables (Ratatouille) and caramelised butter and white wine sauce.

Bella Vista

For dessert we shared Parfait di Caramello - Caramel parfait set on a rich chocolate biscuit base served with chocolate ice-cream and caramel sauce.

Bella Vista

As always, everything was delicious :):):)

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