Sydney Tripping

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I was aiming to leave at 10am today.  It was more like 11am.  Then had the weirdest experience - driving up Gungahlin Drive and Well Station Drive with the Convoy for Cancer Families!  Drove along with all the trucks and past heaps of spectators.  Was a lot of fun!

Dropped off some of Jake's complete Lego sets then headed to Sydney.

Aunty Rhonda was at Mum's place so talked to her briefly, then we went over to the home.  Dad is going downhill faster now.  Almost impossible to understand him and he's pretty spaced out.

Had some nice leftover pork for dinner and did some more photo sorting.  Found that Dad has a slide scanner! Who knew? Then tried to figure out Dad's photo filing system ...

Three months ago today we went to Nan Lian Gardens and Chi Lin Nunnery, then to the fish, bird, flower and Temple Street night markets.

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