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So last night F&C came over for dinner.  We had a swim first up, accompanied by wine and nibbles from the Spa Bar.  Then the sweetie did some very nice marinated salmon.  Somehow it came up that we should watch Meaning of Life, so we did, while sampling some very nice single malt whiskeys.  Then another dip in the pool because it was still super hot.

Today I did housework and Lego dismantling and then our food shopping.  This evening Fiona and Bruce came over and we had more wine and cheese in the pool followed by pizza for dinner and The Big Lebowski.

It's too danged hot.

Three months ago yesterday we walked the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong and went up to The Peak and I explored the ladies markets.  Three months ago today we took a ferry to Lantau Island and visited Tai O and Ngong Ping, and watched the Symphony of Lights.

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