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Last Sunday morning we headed home from Sydney with a car load of crap in tow.  Caught up on housework/washing etc in the afternoon.

On Monday I finished packing up and inventoring Jake's Lego.  

On Tuesday I suffered from major lack of sleep.  We went to the Dumpling Inn for dinner (mixed chow mein and shredded beef peking style) then did our food shopping.  Came home and dismantled most of the Star Destroyer (that had also been constructed at Christmas 2009) while watching TV.

On Tuesday night I still couldn't get to sleep, so Wednesday was more misery.  Watched some pretty cool rainstorms out the window at work.  When I got home however, there was a small stream of water going across the garage floor.  Which would have been fine, except it intersected with my old desk that I've had for thirty five or so years, and the chipboard at the bottom all swelled up :(:(:(  So that was pretty annoying.  My parents still have the matching beds, and I still use the matching set of drawers.  I was hoping to sell/give away the things as a set one day so that's a bit of a poo.  In the evening it poured with rain again, so I collected a whole heap of it and put it in the pool.

Garage flooding

Garage flooding

Wednesday night I finished dismantling the Star Destroyer, and started the remaining section of my Life jigsaw. 

Life - section 3

Thursday night we got pizza and watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which I hadn't seen since I saw it at the movies in 2005.

On Friday a bunch of us got pork knuckles from Zierholz.  Omigosh they were *huge*.  I got through all the meat/crackling on mine (but only just) but didn't quite finish the sides.  Pretty much everyone said the experience of it was good, but noone would really be interested in having it again - simply too much food.  I reckon it'd go well shared between two people.  I didn't have any dinner that night.

Pork knuckle

Friday night was more jigsawing while watching Angels and Demons, which I hadn't seen.  

Saturday morning I cleaned the gutters and flushed the downpipes which were all completely clogged.  Then we headed out to the club, but I'll leave that for another post.

Today was catching up on housework as well as doing more jigsaw and tv show catching up.

Life section 3 sorted

Life section 3 progress

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