In God's Care

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So I called my mother last Friday night.  She'd been to see Dad that evening and the nursing home staff said that they didn't think that he was going to make the night the previous night, so he really didn't have very long to go.  She had spent two hours with him.  He was pretty unresponsive, but he responded when Mum sang Abide With Me to him.  I wondered whether he'd make it to Sunday when I was planning to come up.  I considered going up Saturday instead, but Chris was on her way down to Canberra to visit so it was going to be tricky.  I asked Mum if she wanted me to come up anyway on Saturday if Dad went but she said I didn't need to.  Chris arrived fairly late and we talked and all shared a very very nice bottle of Brokenwood 2009 shiraz.  We have a 2010 downstairs from our trip to the Hunter Valley last Christmas.  It was past midnight when we got to bed, and we were just in bed when I got the SMS from my mum: "Dad went to be with Lord at 11.55pm". #sad

Had a bit of a slow morning on Saturday.  I called Mum again.  She'd been out to the home til about 2am to say a final goodbye.  She was ok with me not coming up until Sunday, as she had a church event planned that morning and was likely to be sleeping in the afternoon anyway, as she'd only had about an hour's sleep.

So Chris and Zac and I went along the Beer and Meat on a Stick festival (aka the Multicultural Festival) to get, well, beer and meat on a stick.  But before we found meat on a stick, we found potato on a stick!  Might have had another one of those later.  And a waffle on a stick.  Did a little shopping during and after as well.

Potato on a stick

Meat on a stick

Beer and meat on a stick

whatever this was called

Waffle on a stick

In the later afternoon we had a swim to cool off.  In the evening we watched a couple of episodes of MacGyver and had another swim.

Sunday morning we got ready then meandered our way up to Sydney (Chris dropped me off).  The minister came over and we decided on an order of service for the funeral.  Then I got stuck into putting together a reflections slide show in powerpoint.  Took three nights to do, but I think it will be nice.  Will try and get it onto YouTube when I get home.

So how am I?  ok I think.  I suppose I've enough time to get used to the idea of Dad not being around.  And living in Canberra it's not like I saw him much anyway.  Mum is ok too, again, she's had months to get used to life without Dad.  Thanks everyone for your messages and condolances.


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