Problem Solving

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Solved a problem today that had been bugging me for weeks.

Except I was pretty depressed about it.

Because the solution was something I had suspected near the beginning, and had even investigated it, but had turned up nothing.

Obviously I'm a failure, because if I could do my job I *would* have actually discovered it weeks ago.


Had a long lunch with @StuartCRyan today.  For the third time in a row we had Peking Duck, but Stu has been dieting and couldn't finish his fair share heh.  So we're going to try for yum cha next time.

Peking Duck again


Finished cleaning off the work bench in the workshop tonight.  Most of the stuff was put into "ewaste" boxes and cable boxes, with metal recycling, regular recycling and rubbish.  Sooo many electronic *bits* !!

Big capacitor

Clear workshop bench

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