A Day in Waiting

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So where we?

Last time I blogged it was Sunday night and I was saying I really should download my photos.  Yeah I got around to doing that today.

Monday to Wednesday was a training course.  Which was relatively easy.

Friday night we had Nat and Andrew over for dinner - pasta bake!  We played a game of Geek Battle, but had more fun afterwards just reading the questions to each other.  Then we played all 32 races of Mario Kart, which kept us going til nearly midnight, but the sweetie actually stayed up for the whole thing which was nice.

This, kids, is why you should not drink and drive - normally I would come third, this result was pitiful!
Don't drink and drive

Today I cleaned the house.  As you do.  Did a bit of photo sorting.  But the afternoon was spent in waiting for a call to go into work to do some testing.  Except they had a problem with a storage system, so I still don't know what's happening .. The sweetie and I played Diablo for hours.  I didn't even get to watch Airport, as I figured I'd more than likely get interrupted.

Very sleepie..

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