Tom Weekend

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Friday night we went and picked up Stu's old school friend Tom from the station.

Saturday morning they headed into town to see some anime at the Dendy.  I took the opportunity to get the house in order.  In the afternoon Damien picked me up and we went to the Wig & Pen for drinks, and then Stu, Tom and I went to Happy's for dinner.  Came home and watched Star Wars.

Sunday morning we went to Black Pepper for breakfast.  Afterwards, David came by to look at my car (see here for more on that).  Then we took Stu to the airport and Tom and I went to see Garden of Words and Ghost in the Shell: Arise with Gaelian and Steph.  I thought The Garden of Words was lovely, stunningly beautiful and detailed, and the "been-there's" were pretty cool too.  Ghost in the Shell was a lot harder to follow who was on who's side, so didn't get into that one as much.

Garden of Words Ghost in the Shell

We had a late lunch/early dinner at Ali Baba, then came home with drinks and nibbles and proceeded to watch Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

This morning got up at stoopid o'clock to drop Tom off at the station, then came home to get more sleep.

With only 1100 steps on the pedometer by 5pm and it being such a beautiful day and all, I also went for a walk, although only put another 4000 steps on the pedometer in forty minutes.

Mount Rogers walk

Mount Rogers walk

And some cool clouds and rainbows out the back

Ainslie Double Rainbow

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