I F@#$ing *HATE* Apple and iTunes!!!!!!!

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The latest drama: trying to unlock my phone from Optus.  Apple in their infinite wisdom dictated that the only way to unlock your phone from your provider is to do a backup and then a restore of the phone.  How retarded is that on every level?  The last time I tried to do it it wiped an app off my phone and I lost all my UK 2010 GPS tracks.  I was devastated.  

Tonight I was having another go at it on my new phone.  I dutifully backed up the phone, then hit the restore button.  Except I got an error:

"iTunes could not restore the iPhone "Kazza the Blank One" because not enough free space is available on the iPhone".

Except there was over a gig free.

So I *BATTLED* clearing things off it.  Photos are easy enough through Windows Explorer, but podcasts, music and audiobooks play hard to get, and it's not intuitive how to do it.  Had to fight and fight with it to remove the files.

Got to nearly 3.5 Gb free.  But do you think the phone will restore? NO!  I renamed the backup file directory and did a whole new backup.  Both directories were only 6Gb in size.  Still it wouldn't restore.

So now I'm going on yet another trip where my phone won't onlock and I'll be forced to use Global Roaming if I want to use my phone at all.

Apple, you SUCK!!!!

Edit.  I deleted another couple of gigs of photos to get it to more than 6Gb free, which was the size of the backup directory.  Now it seems to be restoring.....  Let's see if Apple screws me over in some other way next ...

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