Filling in

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Wednesday saw us at Windy's for dinner.  Nanette cooked a pretty awesome butterfly lamb, and an equally awesome almond praline cheesecake.  The lamb was demolished in short order (the remaining pieces below were also finished off) and the cheesecake made a great morning tea the next day.

Windy Dinner


Thursday I started feeling a bit off colour and by the afternoon was definitely feeling wrong.  Struggled through the two beers of the week then went home feeling pretty miserable.  Watched Annie on dvd before collapsing into bed but being very uncomfortable.  Friday was also a bit blah - the bowels still weren't happy with me.  

Friday night after work I met Stu out at the club.  We had the place to ourselves which was pretty nice.  I started reading a book and finished it Saturday morning.  Also started a jigsaw and had a swim before we came home.

Last night we got pizza and watched Star Trek and played Diablo and did jigsaws while I generally stressed about having to go to Sydney.

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