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Went to Sydney again on Sunday.  Went over to the home, and took dad out.  We went up to the local shops and bought him hot chips and a milkshake.  He liked them a lot, and liked the chance to get out of the home.  Still didn't stop him ranting about stuff like the other home residents and politicians.  Sigh.

Dad day out

During the week Mum and I tackled the work shop - clearing the foor and chairs and some of the work bench.  We're starting to see a difference in there.  We also threw out a *lot* of 3 1/2" disks.  Legitimate copies of things like dos, windows, office etc.  But so old *noone* would ever want them.  So they all got turfed.

Software chuck

Disks chuck

The drive up was pretty eerie - sections of the Hume Highway had bushfire damage either side and there was very heavy smoke around.  But got to Sydney ok.  Had no troubles getting home last night, as the major fires are up in the Blue Mountains and the southern ones were nowhere near where I needed to go.  The skies on Sunday and Monday were full of smoke and very eerie. 

Sunrise on Monday morning:
Eerie sunrise

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