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So for my birthday, I cooked us cheese kranskys for breakfast.  As you do :)

Spent the morning battling with kerberos.  Bah.

For lunch a huge group of us went to Bella Vista.  We got the banquet.  I'd have liked to have ordered off the menu, but with twenty people that was going to be too impractical.  So we just ate lots of pasta :)  (five pastas, two of which went undocumented, and a few other things as well)

Bella Vista birthday lunch

Bella Vista birthday lunch

Bella Vista birthday lunch

Bella Vista birthday lunch

Bella Vista birthday lunch

Bella Vista birthday lunch

Bella Vista birthday lunch

After lunch, a smaller group of us kicked on to the Lighthouse.  Where we might have stayed all afternoon :)

Then I hopped on a bus and went into town for the next event - dinner at Ardeche.

I had "Escalope de veau avec moutarde et creme" - veal in a creamy mustard sauce which was *amazing*.  So tender and tasty.  Loved it!

Ardeche garlic bread

Ardeche escalope de veau

The Sweetie

Annie and Noah

Nat and Andrew


And then we went to the theatre!  To see Phantom of the Opera! When I first saw this advertised and saw that it would be running on my birthday, I knew I *had* to go see it.  You see on my birthday in 1996 I went with another group of friends to see it in Sydney.  I wanted to repeat it seventeen years later, and so I did :)


The show was amazing.  Really well done.  Thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the rest of our little group.  Although it was hard for me to resist singing along ;)  And my legs didn't get restless!  Hurrah!

Got home pretty late, and didn't get to bed til after it wasn't my birthday anymore.

Thanks to everyone who came along to my various birthday celebrations.  It was brilliant, and I had a wonderful time at all my parties :)   **hugs** :):)


Lisa said:

FUN TIMES INDEED!!!! What wonderful Birthday celebrations :)

August 19, 2013 8:44 AM


Kazza the Blank One said:

They were indeed!! :)

August 19, 2013 9:40 PM


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