Where was I up to?

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So yes.  A whole week has gone by.  Whoops.

Had a roller coaster week at work.  Days where things went well and I was fixing problems all over the place.  Days where nothing went right and I felt like it should have been beer o'clock by 10am :(  Got a new computer so also had a bit of time making sure that was setup.

Tuesday night we met up with Dan (the cousin version) at The Wig&Pen for drinks, and then we went to Iori for dinner.  I'd had wagyu beef at Coo some time ago and it was awesome, so thought I'd try it at Iori.  It was pretty fail.  Not melt-in-your-mouth at all. Oh well.  But it was a good night catching up with Dan.

Iori wagyu beef

Granite donut

Friday night Neil opened the bar for a farewell, so we gate crashed, which made for a pleasant start to the weekend.

Saturday morning we went to Black Pepper for breakfast.

Black Pepper view

Then we did our food shopping and came home.

Spent pretty much the rest of the weekend (aside from visiting Annie and the family on Saturday night) cleaning and tidying the house.  Made a lot of progress on things that didn't matter so much (like the garage and dungeon) and not so much on the things that really need doing (like vacuuming).  But the study floor is almost clear now which is pretty miraculous.

George climbed a tree this morning
George up a tree

Ever wonder what over 25000 pieces of jigsaw would look like all mixed up?  Anyone want to find out? ;)
20000 jigsaw pieces

Saw two different rainbows several hours apart today.  Yet we didn't get any rain!



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