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In March this year I had to have my alternator replaced.  Fine, whatever.  

Last Sunday my charge and brake light came on.  


However I completely forgot about it.  Until tonight.  When I need my car tomorrow to get to Sydney.

So now I either have to go to Sydney with it, and get it looked at in Sydney.  Or leave it here and get Stu to get it looked at.  

But this alteranator, even though it was second hand, has only been in for five months, and I barely even use my car!  This is ridiculous!  I'd argue this with Mick, but I can't because I won't be here!  And Stu certainly wouldn't argue it.  If I get it looked at in Sydney I'd be up for a new one anyway, with no chance to complain.  I'm going round in circles stressing about it. 

These are the things that keep me up in the middle of the night.

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