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So Thursday we had a nice slow morning.  Saw Fiona off, then got ready and headed to the airport.

VH-YFI Boeing 737-800

Took a Virgin Australia flight because it was $20 each cheaper than Qantas.  Stu even got a spare seat next to him which was nice.  Got some snackages on the plane for lunch.

Canberra from the plane

Gulgong - the town on the $10 note.  Well it used to be.

Turns out I even got a couple of pics of Chay and David's suburb, and the reserve (middle) that we did a couple of walks around.

Had the nice approach into Brisbane, and I think pretty much the only time I've done this approach, in daylight, with a window seat.


Picked up our hire car and then headed into New Farm to have a look at the city, get something more to eat, and have a look at Stu's old house. (I took my jumper off after I got off the plane, and didn't put it back on again til we arrived back in Canberra!)


Then we headed out to Chay and David's.

We've driven past this pool a few times, but this was the first time I'd ever seen anyone in it.

For dinner we picked up some beer and pizza.  I had pepperoni and feta, with a couple of pieces leftover for breakfast.


We played a few games of Buzz and did some Singstar.


Fairly slow morning.  I'd had awful trouble sleeping because of the heat, and also the bed sagged in towards Stu so felt like I was lying on a slope all night.

After my pizza leftovers for breakfast, we eventually headed out to Orion, where we got the sweetie a coffee and had sushi for lunch.

Stu and Kailyn

In the afternoon I worked on a jigsaw Chay had picked up for me, and we all pretty much just chilled out.

Later in the afternoon we all went for a walk in the nearby reserve.

Family walk

We also had a look at the memorial to Jeremy Wackrow (spelt Jeremy Wacrow on the memorial), who had been found dead there in October 1995.  (The next day on the same walk we even ran into the guy that found him).

Jeremy Wackrow Memorial

Jeremy Wackrow Memorial

Camira walk


Had some very nice fish and cauliflower bake for dinner.  

Then we headed over to Storm's where we played quite a few games of Emporer-Scum, and then some Singstar til very late.



Better sleep last night!  I had leftover cauliflower bake for breakfast.  Continued to work on the jigsaw, where I had to defend the pieces against Ichi stealing them!


We were going to go to the cafe in Springfield Lakes for lunch, but it was closed!  How rude!

Springfield Lakes cafe

So we went back to Orion for sushi again.

After lunch we went for a drive to go see Helen's amazing new house.

Helen's house


Came home and finished the jigsaw.


David cooked up the rest of the fish, as well as a whole stack of yummy veggies.  Yum!

Watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which was good, but it was very strange seeing Emma Watson try to do an American accent!  Then played a bit of Singstar.


Woke up at 5am, then couldn't get back to sleep :(:(:(  Got up and we headed off to Sizzler for breakfast.  All you can eat bacon FTW!  Except the bacon ran out, so it wasn't all you could eat, unless you wanted to wait.  So waited, but the bacon wasn't as nice in this batch.  Mushrooms were almost gone the first round, so had to wait for those too.  Didn't have a croissant cause they looked pretty doughy.  The potato gems were really nice though.  And had the added bonus of not needing to eat again til dinner time.

Sizzler breakfast

Picked up another small jigsaw at Crazy Clark's on the way home.

Did a bit of the jigsaw, then had a long afternoon siesta.  

Had another walk around the reserve, but it wasn't nearly as nice - heaps of trail bikes making a whole tonne of noise :(

Sunset grass

Had corned beef that had been in the slow cooker all day.

After dinner played a couple of games of Buzz, then watched Sherlock, then some Singstar.

David and I tied in "Who Wants to Live Forever"
Singstar tie


Quiet morning.  Had muffins for breakfast and finished the little jigsaw.

Stu and Ichi


Then we headed out to the airport and had some snackages in the Qantas club.

The flight back was also pretty good, and most of the back of the plane was empty, so Stu got a spare seat next to him again.  Flew right over the top of Sydney, then into Canberra from the south.

Plane shadow

Plane shadow

Gold Coast
Gold Coast

Cessnock (with the Crowne Plaza where we stayed at Christmas at the bottom left)

Lake Macquarie and some of Newcastle
Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Tuggerah Lakes
Tuggerah Lake

Gosford and Brisbane Water

Eastern Suburbs of Sydney
Sydney Eastern Suburbs


So as always, a lovely weekend away!

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