Not your average weekend

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Well not for Stu anyway ..

Yesterday morning was a pretty slow start.  Got out the door eventually and went to This Cafe in Gungahlin for brunch.  I had eggs benedict, which was reasonable (although the bacon was on the side which was a little odd).  But we were sitting by the door, which didn't close properly, and let a gale in every time someone came through, until the sweetie leaned over and closed it.  Most irritating.


This Cafe

This Cafe

Went out to Wintercon at EPIC and had a look around.

Then did our food shopping and came home.

I did a bit of cleaning of PVC goo with acetone in the afternoon.

After dinner we went over to Annie's for a while to catch up.

This morning I got a bit of housework done in the morning.

Then Stu got a phone call from Annie.  She'd fallen (in Sydney - she'd gone there to take the kids to the zoo) and wanted to come home but couldn't drive.  So the sweetie flew up to Sydney to rescue her.  He even got to go in one of Virgin Australia's itty bitty little planes.  Slightly jealous heh.

In the meantime I tidied up the laundry which has been a disaster lately.

Dinner was pea and ham soup that the sweetie had put in the slow cooker before he left.  It was pretty good.

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