Aussie Farmers Direct Rage

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I'm finally cancelling the last of our Aussie Farmers Direct orders.

We started off getting the couples organic fruit and veg boxes last year.  But there was no way the two of us could get through the boxes each week.  So we dropped back to fortnightly.  And even that was a struggle to get through.  The number of times we had something leftover, or simply too much food to eat and not enough freezer space to freeze the leftovers, was so great that in a fit of rage a couple of months back I cancelled the order completely.  

We were having similar problems with the milk and orange juice orders we were getting.  A week and a half ago I dropped our order back to fortnightly, as it would usually take us three weeks to get through two weeks of deliveries.  I checked the delivery calendar last week and there was nothing due for last Wednesday so I didn't put out the cooler bag.  But in the morning there was one milk and one OJ (don't know what happened to the other OJ - either just not delivered or stolen).  Grunt.  So I thought we wouldn't get anything this week, given that we got something last week.  But no, more damned milk and OJ turned up this morning.  This time the milk bottle had a small hole in it and was leaking all over the front porch.  There's now eight litres of OJ in the fridge, two litres of milk in the fridge and another four litres of milk in the freezer.  This is ridiculous.

Plus their website *sux*.  It's a pain in the posterior trying to even figure out if you're due for a delivery in any given week.

So while I like the *idea* of Aussie Farmers Direct, the impracticality of it all is killing me, and I'm cancelling.  If I can figure out how.  Have I ever mentioned how much their website sux?

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