Da plane!

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How cute is this Lego sea plane Fiona gave me on the weekend? :):)

Lego sea plane

Not as sick today as I was yesterday.  Tried to work from home, but the VPN or something kept freezing up, making it completely unworkable, so I gave up and went into work.

I've been doing heaps of photo filing.  It's awfully hard work.  Well some of it is easy, but a lot is hard.  The sheer numbers don't help.  I've filed a lot of my digital photos because I don't have to scan them.  But even so, there's still seven and a half thousand photos left to sort from 1999, 2003 and 2007 (I've been jumping around a bit to keep interested).  After that there's just the analog photos.  But will need to rescan a heap of those, as they were only scanned at 150 dpi the first time.  That'll get merged with the scanning of mum's photos I'm doing.

It's kinda freaky having blogged for ten years.  Because now I can go back and see what I was doing "ten years ago today".  Like being contacted by my best friend from Year 7 (sadly that didn't go any further :( ).  And tomorrow will have been ten years since ice skating at Fox Studios with Jim and John and a group of others.

John and Jim ice skating

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