24 hours

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Had a full (and exactly) 24 hours at the club overnight.  Relaxed a bit in the caravan in the afternoon (it was *freezing* outside with a cold wind blowing).  Then had some wine and cheese in the freezing club house (we could see our breath) while watching penguins before raiding the cabin where A&J were staying.  Well they had a fire.  Had dinner with them then played a couple of games of Fluxx.

Club wine and cheese

Club possum

Today we had a bit of a sleep in (I even slept later than my usual 7am wakeup time!).  My brain/bladder training paid off and didn't need to go all night :)  I had bacon and eggs for breakfast but Stu was suffering from all the apples he ate last night (part of our trial run dessert for next weekend) so he spent pretty much the whole day in bed feeling miserable :( .  Cleaned up from last night, then played some more Fluxx while the kids ran around the place.

So poor Stu didn't really get the relaxing weekend that he was hoping for - too much socialising and discomfort :(

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