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Friday night saw us heading to North Cooma (aka as far south in Canberra as you can go) to have dinner at Andrew and Jen's.  Richard and Tracey came too so it was quite the party.

And how cool is this - Andrew's building a 747 flight simulator, complete with physical controls and switches and computerised flight systems that plug into Microsoft Flight Simulater.  Extremelly cool!

747 flight simulator

And there was quite the feast of food, including a rather tasty dish of chicken, prawns and bacon .. sounds strange but it was very nice :)

Andrew's feast

After dinner we played p0ker until Tracey's chips ran out (and they had to get kids home to bed). Then we played Cranium which is a mashup of Pictionary, Charades, Trivial Pursuit and Rapidough.  The game play was a bit confusing and odd, but that might have been because we just hadn't read the instructions thoroughly.  It was fun anyway.


Saturday night we went to Josh and Ally's for a lovely evening of chatting and a very yummy middle eastern fish dish.

Ally feast

Ally feast

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