Third time lucky

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Finally got to have a random day off today.  The first attempt I got sick and the second attempt I forgot I had a farewell lunch to go to.

So today I stayed at home and we reorganised all the fish tank stuff.  I've been wanting to do this in forever because things were all over the place and a big mess.  

This is before I started..

Fish stuff before

I pulled everything out of the cupboards and off the shelves and sorted it all out..

Fish stuff

Then chucked a small pile of things out, and put it all back together..

Fish stuff after

It doesn't look hugely different, but it is definitely neater.  Well worth the effort, and a nice break up to the week.

Tonight's dinner was leftover chicken and potato, cut up and pan-fried, with a couple of big handfuls of baby spinach and some kewpie mayonnaise - omigosh it was delicious!

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