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Friday night, the alarm went off to go out and see the ISS.  Magnitude -3.1 .. Super bright! Super cool!  Didn't have time to setup my camera - was too busy with work :(

Yeah so work.  Was online for about four hours on Friday night making sure they didn't break things.  Then again on Saturday morning while they did in fact break things, and even had to go in :(:(  Would have been a nice day to go out to the club but I was on call :(  On the up side, I'll get a bucket load of money for all the overtime.

Last night Nat and Andrew came over and I cooked a pasta bake and we chatted and ate dinner and then played a couple of games of Fluxx (Stu won one and Andrew won one) and then a couple of games of Buzz (I won one and Stu won one), finishing off with some Singstar which my still-slightly-sick-throat did *not* thank me for afterwards.

Missed the -3.3 ISS pass - phone was in another room while I was doing dinner stuff so missed the alarm.

Jigsaw-piece shaped ice
Jigsaw ice

Dinosaur pasta!
Coles dinosaur pasta

We went on a mission to see how many rules we could get onto the table at once.  We managed twelve.
Fluxx rules

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