Jigsaw Race

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On Sunday the sweetie and I went and visited Annie, then had lunch at Fortune Box (sadly they don't do the smaller fortune boxes anymore, but it turned out ok because we just shared a large and didn't overeat), then did our food shopping.

The sweetie at Fortune Box

In the late afternoon Nat and Andrew came over and we went and found a geocache!  My first, Stu's second, Nat and Andrew's eleventy billionth.


Stu and the geocache

Then we played a game of Buzz (I won) and had a yummy lamb roast for dinner.

After dinner we briefly debated what to do before having a jigsaw race!  During the week I'd bought two identical 500 piece jigsaws for $1 each at Kmart (best value ever!!) so Nat wanted to do them.  Even though it was already 7:30pm.  And Andrew would have nothing to do.  But someone came up with the idea of him winning all our mirror cups on Mario Kart, so it was decided.

I finished in one hour and fifty eight minutes...  Nat didn't...

Jigsaw race

But I think she had fun anyway .. hopefully... :)

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