Google Reader is Dying

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Yet again I find out my news from Twitter.  Google Reader is dying on July 1.  This is an epic disaster.  This means I need to find another product/provider for my RSS feeds.  So pissed off it's not funny.  

On a lighter note, did go to @CLBradley's for a BBQ dinner which was lovely as always.


kapgar said:

I'm pissed about it, too. Just found out about an hour ago. I'm playing with Feedly now. I know it relies on Google Reader, but the developers are creating a standalone version that should be ready before July 1. We shall see.

March 15, 2013 1:46 AM


Aquila said:

I use bloglines... have for years. A lot of Google Reader users are moving across to it judging by the current warning from them about slowdowns caused by new readers.

March 15, 2013 7:44 AM


Yvonne said:

You are not the only one. Though I ofund out about it in, its still social media. The report came from gogole and was in the middle of another heap of things so hard to spot off hand.

Pissed enough to actually comment. :-P

March 15, 2013 5:00 PM


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