Day Trippin

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Yesterday morning I drove to Sydney.

But first I had to fight with iTunes.  One of the crappiest pieces of software ever.  Rivalling our proxies and IDS software.  At least our proxies have a nice, friendly, easy to use interface.  iTunes: forget it.  I need to Google how to do anything in it.  Nothing is intuitive.  

Stu had the Harry Potter books as audio books, and I wanted to listen to one on the drive.  So he gave me the files.  Firstly I had to figure out how to get them into iTunes (that wasn't easy but managed it eventually after Stu figured out that you need to be in a very specific spot before File, Import will actually *do* anything).  Then I had to get the file onto my phone.  After finally finding the audio books section (there's a sub-tab under the Books section) and making sure it was ticked for syncing, I tried to sync it.  But even though I could see it transfer the file and it all looked like it was working, it simply wouldn't show up in the audio books section of the phone.  It's simply not there.  Even after a reboot of the phone.  One suggestion I found online was to put it into a playlist so I did this, and could finally see the book in the playlist (but still not in audiobooks).  I fricken *HATE* iTunes and Apple.  Get your act together guys!!

So anyway.

Book loaded, off I headed to Sydney to visit the parents before Dad's operation tomorrow.

A couple of interesting things on the trip: got random breath tested on the Federal Highway, just a count to ten one, and there was a great big rock hanging off the Hanging Rock Road sign :)

We had some lunch, and talked, and Peter H came over and we watched a slide show of the parents' last trip to NT/WA and had roast pork for dinner and then I headed home again.  Very long day.  Dad is not doing so well.  We'll know more after tomorrow ..


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