New Years Day, 2013

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This morning I woke up at 5am, and had to think for a moment where I was.  Got up to go to the loo and noticed the power was out.  Had been since about 3:30am.  I'm suspecting another faulty fish tank heater.  So outside to reset the circuit breaker, and then back to bed for a bit.

Had a very slow day.  I still never want to leave the house again.  Which could make going to work tomorrow challenging.  *Especially* because it's work and all the dramas going on there is stressing me out.

So we just stayed inside all day.  I did a bit of house cleaning in the morning, but lost interest in that after a while.  

I did a small jigsaw (one of the $1 jigsaws I picked up at KMart a couple of weeks ago).
Buttons jigsaw

The sweetie enjoyed coffee in his Christmas present from Yvonne.  They're pretty funky little glasses.
Coffee glasses

And he also built our Christmas present from the parents - a little coffee table (called "Lack") for the study 

This is the sweetie's space in the study now

Other than that I just caught up on news feeds, and fought off depression about having to go back to work.

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