An Unexpected What The??

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So I'm reading out a stack of movies that I'd be happy to watch with the sweetie tonight .. and it included the likes of Gladiator, The Hunt for Red October and Terminator 2 (amongst a bunch of others).  So initially the sweetie picked Gladiator.  But after we watched an episode of House, he said we could watch Gladiator or Terminator 2.  And I'm like.. holy crap, you'd watch a James Cameron movie?? But you're allergic! It says so on the label!  (him and DC think alike on this one).  So as soon as he said he'd watch it I put it on before he changed his mind ..! heh

Yeah so survived the week.. spent two days fighting with documentation in a new system that's html-based and not nearly as friendly as doing doco in Notes (give me notes any day **please** !! ) and only achieved four documents out of a possible twenty or so.  Guess what I'll be doing in the next couple of weeks (until other projects fire up again for the year) ...

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