Party #4

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Last official work Christmas party of the year.  This was the most time-consuming - 7:15am til 5:30pm essentially, with a couple of hours break in the middle.

The empty truck - fill 'er up!
Empty truck
Neil and Windy loading drinks.  Seconds later half a dozen cases fell off and scattered all over the back of the truck - oops!
Drinks pallet
Chippies!  Because it was so hot, a lot of these didn't get eaten
Santa in the calm before the storm
Drinks fridge
Cool room
Dodgem cars - all lined up before the first run of the day (I got on the second)
Dodgem cars
Disco show.  This ride was surprisingly fun!
Disco show
View from the top of the Disco Show
Disco show view
One of the horse and carriage rides
Horse and carriage
The other
Horse and carriage
Another wedding this year - although this one arrived as we were leaving - not double booked!

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