Layered Cherry Pavlova

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Some weeks ago I saw this recipe in the Coles magazine, and decided I *had* to make it.  The idea being I'd do one straight away, and then another one for Christmas.

Except that it took half the afternoon, and an awful lot of energy and mess.  So don't know if I'll really have the time to make another one.  We'll see.

So I put in all this effort, and it was just the two of us to share it .. but oh my!  Just look at it!

Layered cherry pavlova
It pretty much disintegrates on slicing though, so each serving is really a disaster of meringue, cream and cherries.  But the sweetie couldn't get enough, and we ended up eating half the thing.  I don't think it'll translate too well to leftovers... hrmm..

Edit:  had leftovers the next night - and the meringue layers were that moist bubbly texture of pavlova.

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