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Went along with various family members to have Noah's birthday party at Ardeche.  Us grownups enjoyed it, and we think Noah did too, but I have a feeling his expectations were a little different to reality.  He did make a pretty good effort with his food though.

This dude walked past the restaurant and posed when I went to take a picture :)
Dude in costume outside Ardeche
Noah's entree.  He made a pretty good effort at this, then we helped him finish it :)
Noah's party
Snails!  My entree, quite nice, couldn't convince Noah to try one ;)
Noah's party
Noah's duck.  He wasn't so keen on this.  So we helped :)
Noah's party
My main - a "goat" dish that I thought would be goat, but was actually goat's cheese - oops! :)
Noah's party
Amazing croquembousche they did
Noah's party
Scary sculpture in Garema Place
Noah's party

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