Where else have I been?

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Yeah so it's been a week since I blogged.  Sue me.

Work.  Yeah, busy.  What else is new.

Tuesday the sweetie and I had a flex day off together which was pretty awesome.  My plan for half the day was to pull out the old amplifier and replace it with the new one we bought last weekend.  But by the time I'd pulled everything out, cleaned it all, cabled everything up, and put it all back together, it was mid afternoon.  And by the time we got the amp configured it was 4pm :(  So what started off as a great day (take a random day off work - highly recommended!) became a bit frustrating at the end.  And I don't even have any documentary evidence of my work :(

Tuesday night we met Peter at the Dumpling Inn for dinner.  We had our usual shredded beef peking style, chinese broccoli, and something we hadn't tried - bbq lamb in shantung sauce.  That was a bit heavy, and not as good as the other stuff.  But we all had room for dessert!

Dumpling Inn
Dumpling Inn
Dumpling Inn
Dumpling Inn
Also on Tuesday our new buffet arrived.  So we moved that last night to its position in the lounge room.  The contents to adorn the top of it are still being decided upon ;)

Today I mostly just felt blah and not inspired to do anything much (like the whole cleaning of the house that I need to do).  So just read news feeds, organised photos and did a jigsaw I started on the last coast trip.

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