Up and Down Week

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Bit of an up and down week this one.

Tuesday was a great day.
Wednesday was a crap day.
Thursday wasn't too bad, finishing up with mulled wine and beer.
Friday was pretty short, on account of being given an early mark at work, so we went down to the lake for lunch/beer, as you do :)

Baked a batch of cookies whose dry ingredients were a Christmas present from Guy and Sammi.  From when I was in Sydney.  Yep.  The jar of ingredients has been around for *at least* five years.  Stoopidly, I was too full from a big lunch and dinner to eat any of them!  The sweetie approved though :)

Other than that I've just been playing laserwar most of the evening.  Whoops.

Sadly the sweetie is sick now, just in time for the weekend :(  Poor thing.

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