Coast Weekend, July

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Friday after work we headed down to the coast.  We listened to a Harry Potter audiobook.  Other than that, nothing eventful.

So arrived, and marvelled at the STARS!!  

Then set about turning everything on.  Except I couldn't turn on the gas.  Knob was jammed.  I was already hungry at this point, so was getting stressed and grumpy from low blood sugar level.  Then we heard from Dave - he hadn't even left home yet! (people had bailed at work so he had to fill in for them).  So we abandoned thought of using the spa that night, and went into Bateman's Bay to get some dinner.

We went to "Little Restaurant and Bar".  With a super friendly waitress and chef.  Lovely service.

Little Restaurant and Bar

Stu had a pork croquette dish off the specials board.

Little Restaurant and Bar
And I had lamb cutlets

Little Restaurant and Bar
For dessert Stu had banana and pecan nut pudding

Little Restaurant and Bar
And I had a Lindt Swiss chocolate slice

Little Restaurant and Bar
Accompanied by a nice pear cider.

All super delicious, a great find.

So we get back to the house and Dave had just arrived, to tell me I'd been doing it wrong, turns out there's knobs on each gas cylinder as well.  That I couldn't actually see, from my angle, in the dark.  Yeah so I felt completely useless.  So had a breakdown and went to bed.  As you do.

Saturday was just doing a jigsaw, a walk to the shops, crosswords, and that was about it for the day.

Coast view
In the evening we cracked open the Heineken keg and ordered pizza (three smalls which got demolished in short order).

Coast pizza
Warmed up the spa and enjoyed that for quite a while, getting through almost all of the keg between us.  I was quite impressed with our effort heh.

This morning just more jigsaw, although I didn't finish it - sky is taking far too long.

Coast jigsaw
Then we tidied the house and headed home, stopping at the Scottish Restaurant for lunch.

Did some fish tank stuff when I got home, as well as geotagging holiday photos and house tidying.  So a productive afternoon/evening, but that didn't stop the Sunday night depression :(

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