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Where was I?

Thursday night was BBQ night at @CLBradley's with his family, Aquila and Robert, which was lovely.

Friday morning was utterly miserable (dark and rainy in the morning) and the sweetie was sick so wasn't going to work so wasn't going to give me a lift and I didn't feel like catching the bus in the rain, so I ended up working from home.  

Friday night/Saturday morning was terrible.  Didn't get to bed til after midnight, and then at 4am got an alert which I'd never had to deal with before, so was up trying to deal with that during hurty when I'd run out of some of my painkillers.  Not at all pleasant.  Went back to bed a bit after five, but was too cold to go back to sleep properly.  Then the patching alerts started at 8am.  The final straw was the sweetie playing a fart noise on his phone right in my face which jolted me awake once and for all.

So not too much got done on Saturday.  Did our shopping in the afternoon.  And over to Potty's to watch Tower Heist.  Which actually kept me awake and wasn't as completely stupid as your average Ben Stiller movie is.

Had a great sleep last night, nearly eight hours of fairly solid sleep which was awesome.

Today was just pottering around the house.

Then out to Hardly Normal to buy a buffet that we'd been wanting to buy almost since we bought our dining table three years ago.  And as we were walking around I saw a lounge suite that I basically fell in love with, and accidentally spent another $2000 that I certainly wasn't planning to!  Impulse buying like that goes against every fibre of my being, but after I'd wanted it but then pulled back and was trying to talk ourselves out of it, or at least ponder it for a while, the sweetie decided that he really liked it too and convinced me to get it after all.  Ooops!!

Lounge Suite

Then home to work on the fish tank and dinner.

Oh, and it seems my parents are back from their post holiday holiday .. hi! :)

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