Travelling Tech

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Inspired by Luc's post, I thought I'd document what tech stuff I took away with me this trip.

So here's everything tech-related that I took away with me, including all baggies.

Travelling Tech
Three cameras - my Canon 500D, the Sony TX10 "Random Camera", and a Sony handicam.  I used the video camera a reasonable amount in the middle east, but not so much after I got to Europe.

My old iPhone 3GS.  I didn't upgrade before I went away because if anything happened to it I'd have been very sad.  If anything happened to the old one well then I could just get a new one when I got home.

The Asus EeePC.  Very cute, but not as cute as an ultrabook ;)  Maybe next laptop ;)  After two months of typing on that laptop and using its screen, it's very weird to come home to my super huge monitor and chunky keyboard and mouse!

Photomate 887 Lite.  This is seriously the coolest device *ever*.  It recorded almost my entire trip, except for between Hamburg and Kolding.  I've yet to add up how far I actually travelled.

Multiple USB memory sticks.  Sadly the 64gb one Stu got me for Christmas died, so I had to replace it with several 16gb sticks along the way.  I didn't get the whole trip onto them, but did a backup of missing stuff to Stu's computer when I got to Japan so I could have a non-platter backup.  Also a 320gb usb-powered external hard drive. One cable, very small and light, great for travelling with.

Power Converters/Adapters
One for the UK and one for Europe (also the middle east).  I lost the European one somewhere between Cairo and Paris, so had to go buy a new one.  Also an Australian double adapter so I could charge other things at the same time as using the laptop.  Stu took a Japanese adapter to Japan, so I used that when I got there.

Other Charging Stuff
The "brick" for my iPhone, the battery charger for the Canon and the charger for the video camera (which had a long cable).  As well as the charger for the laptop.

I got a super cool tiny little iPhone cable which I used to charge the phone off the laptop (and transfer photos).  It's 10cm long - great for travelling!  A ~30cm figure eight cable, also a good short length.  The cable for random camera.  HATE Sony and their proprietary cables >:(  Why can't they use mini or micro usb???  A mini usb cable used to charge the GPS.  It's fairly long, I could have taken a super short one, but I'm used to carrying that one with me everywhere, as it lives in the camera bag.

A small mouse, my jetstar in-ear headphones that work on planes as well as regular devices, and a 12V usb double adapter.  Couldn't get the adapter to work in the hire car we had, don't know why.  Didn't need it though as the GPS was built into the car and there was an iPod dock in the glove box (and I wasn't running the GPS on my phone this time as I had the Photomate).

So this is what it all looked like packed up.  

Travelling Tech

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