Sydney Day 2

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So day 2.

Didn't sleep very well :(  Three nights in a row... starting to get to me!! :(

Got ready then watched Kore's plane enter the country on Plane Finder - which was SO COOL!!  As we were approaching the airport I lost my internet connection, but I looked to the left and there was her plane arriving!!  :)  Best app ever :)

Plane Finder
Qantas A380

So we got to the airport and waited a little while for Kore to arrive.

Headed off, and decided to go to Coogee for brunch at Coogee Yeeros.  Had a reasonably decent Eggs Benedict.  

Coogee Yeeros Eggs Benedict
This is Kore's $20 phone - so cute!
Tiny phone

Went for a walk to the beach and up to the headland.

Kore in Coogee
Kore and Stu

Then wandered back to the car and headed down the coast.  Stopped at Maroubra beach to have a quick look.


Rubiks Cube on Maroubra beach

Then down to La Perouse and Bare Island.

Bare Island
Rocks at Bare Island
Fort near Bare Island

Then down through Brighton..
Brighton play equipment

..and back to my parents' place to pick up all our luggage before heading into town to check into our hotel.  Was a bit disappointed with the view from our room (the last time we were here we had an awesome north facing room, but this one has a view of some shrubbery).  Oh well.

Hotel room
Hotel view

So settled in for a bit before heading out again for dinner.

Found a little Japanese restaurant (Kura Kura) which was really good and ate and chatted. 

Pork belly at Kura Kura

Then a bit of a wander through Chinatown and back to the hotel.

Stu and Kore in Chinatown


1927 supporting Roxette


Dave2 said:


Holy cow! It's STILL overcast and rainy? Isn't it supposed to be summer? I keep checking the weather forecast from time to time since I left and it's ALWAYS raining. Was my first day in Sydney the only sunny day the city has had this year? :-(

December 28, 2011 4:19 AM


Kazza the Blank One said:

Yah my sister in law has been complaining about all the rain Sydney has been getting. Turned out today was a lovely day too. It's supposed to rain for new years. Which might have an unexpected benefit of keeping crowds down....

December 29, 2011 9:44 PM


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