Cause you're hot and you're cold

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Quite a pleasant weekend.

Yesterday was just pottering around the house.  Didn't do much in the way of housework though.  Don't actually know what I really did all day .. hrmmm...

Today was a sleep-in, then out for breakfast/lunch at Black Pepper, then our shopping, and suddenly it's 3pm?  Put on dinner for tonight and read news feeds and didn't do much else.

New Masterchef tonight.  And kicking myself that I didn't go watch all the rest of the Junior Masterchef episodes that I didn't see - because now the only episodes online are from the two main series and the celebrity one, but not the kids :(

I've been working on my own sort of recipe book (at the moment a series of word documents).  Trying to standardise the format and start to actually collect some of the things that we cook to make it easier for menu planning.

And now, just for fun, a few pics from recent weeks...

Some "fairy" bugs flitting around a tree on my walk home.  I saw them the first day and thought that would make a good photo.  The next day I actually stopped and pulled out my camera.  Didn't get any very good pics, this was the best of them.
Fairy bugs
A cockatoo in flight
Cockatoo in flight
A Balloons Aloft balloon - the EU balloon
EU Balloon
EU Balloon

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