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So after last night's very productive night .. today was crazy (as always, must remember to breathe, lower blood pressure .. *sigh*) then accidently got trodden on so just felt *blah* tonight..  so all I got done tonight was to put out the bins and backup my hard drive.  Yay.

Had another go at making a Jackstone.  Got frustrated *again* by the crazy thing.  Even watched a video of the tricky bit and couldn't see how it was done.  Persisted but still had the same problem I have every time at the end, where when I go to pull it apart, there's no folds to mark the definition of the horizontal spikes.  So it doesn't snap into place properly.  Obviously I'm doing something wrong when you have to work with the underside bit.  I even pulled it all apart so I could try and get them right.  But no luck.  So again, a pretty pitiful attempt (photo is of the best side, the other sides are pretty terrible).

Pink jackstone

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