Scanning 1992

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So tonight I walked up the hill, debugged the pool, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, did a load of washing, had dinner, put on the dishwasher, watched two hours of tv, and scanned eighty photos.


Talk about a productive evening :)

Tonight's scanning job was the album that had photos from my first camera, the Ricoh, I got for Christmas 1991.  The album had most of the first two rolls from that camera, and included such events as Easter Camp, a trip up Sydney Tower and the Harbour Bridge Pylon, the Harbour Tunnel walk, a St Clements bushwalk to Ruined Castle and some photos of my room before and after one of the rearranges I did.  It was also the year I was dating my first boyfriend so there's quite a few pictures of him throughout (and all the flowers he sent me that year)..

My models, as of 1992
My models in 1992
The Bismarck at Scarborough Park.  This was a regular thing in Sydney but I only ever went once.
Cousin Itt.  I had a couple of better versions when my hair was a bit longer.
Cousin Itt
Joyce Jacobs aka Esme Watson from A Country Practice.  She came to just a doll/teddy bear competition at my old primary school.
Joyce Jacobs

People lining up for the Harbour Tunnel Walk
Harbour Tunnel Walk
Darling Harbour from Sydney Tower
Darling Harbour from Sydney Tower

I'm wishing there were more photos taken of my bedroom over the years.  There's a few like the ones I scanned tonight, but really not any from earlier years when it was less cluttered (and had much less personality).

Before a rearrange, late 1992
My room My room

After a rearrange, late 1992
My room My room
Yasi is finally petering out...

Yasi update


Lisa said:

ooh I used to LOVE a country practice!!

February 8, 2011 8:05 AM


shinydragon said:

OMG I loved checking out the room photos, how cool! Love the plant arrangement, the old TV and all the cool posters.

Joyce Jacobs aka Esme Watson from A Country Practice. She came to just a doll/teddy bear competition at my old primary school. (Did you mean judge?)

Where are the photos of the flowers and the BF lol.

February 8, 2011 11:11 AM


Kazza the Blank One said:

L: we watched all twelve-odd years of it :) Esme used to be a right old biddy, but they softened her character over the years and she became quite a nice old lady by the end of it :)

N: I think I still have what looks to be one of the ferns, and a ribbon grass. The geraniums got evicted outside when they got too big heh. The old TV went pfftt one year so was replaced with another one of similar vintage. I think. My memory is fading on the subject. Damn I need to take more photos of things!! I still have a couple of the posters, but gave away most when I left Sydney.
Yes, I meant judge :)
And the BF won't get any pics, although you can just see some teeny ones of him on my desk :)

February 8, 2011 6:34 PM


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