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So I thought I was getting better.  Went to work.  Was doing ok.  Til after lunch.  When my right ear started ringing.  And hurting.  Afternoon was mostly a writeoff :(  I was even so spaced out and in pain that I didn't go to after work drinks :(:(  So of course went home depressed.  But took some panadeine (yayyy codeine!) which took the edge off and the evening went by ok.  Altho it's wearing off now.  Half an hour til can take some more.

The sweetie is pretty sick too and had the day off.  If my ears are still hurting in the morning (they're both hurting now - and I've gone significantly deaf!) will try and find a Canberra doctor to see (wish me luck! I'd probably have a better chance driving to Sydney :/ )


Missy said:

Did you get to a doctor? Just masking the pain isn't enough! You need to treat the problem and that's getting the tubes to drain before there is damage. GO, GO, GO to a doctor!!!

Pretty please.

February 25, 2011 3:33 AM


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